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When the buzzword now is football, how can I be far off? I cannot be stated as a die-hard fan of soccer, but I would be on vigil, not only on the scores but also about the hackers, whom FIFA is expecting to strike. FIFA is bracing itself for defence of a different kind, defence from the notorious group of hackers. Avaya, the networking partner for FIFA is bracing itself from attack by hackers, for this, they have completely revamped all the security systems, which was adopted the previous time. Spokesperson from Avaya, has commented that all security measures have been increased to keep the attackers at bay. The major worry is the hundreds of personal information, which the attackers could have access to. Since the attackers were not successful the last two times, it is believed that the security would definitely be up to the mark and would not fail this time too. FIFA’s IT centre is based in Munich and would be constantly monitoring all the IT related activities.


Increase in demand for a different kind of sales personnel

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According to the wall street journals, the demand for online ad sales people have increased with the increase in the number of online based advertisements launched by the likes of Google, Yahoo and eBay. With the recent partnership entered by Yahoo and eBay(seem my article dated 27.5.06), the market is looking forward for more demands for the online advertisement sales people. Though the advertisements are online, yet many feel that sales people add that personal touch and person-to-person response is always greater, this is one of the reasons why there has been an increase in the demand for online advertisement sales personnel. The demand is being compared to the dot com boom, experienced some time ago. But the class of online advertisement sales people is not new, they were present before, but due to lack of demand had chosen a different profession, well those who remained dedicated to their job have found their results with increased demand and increased remunerations for these personnel’s, yes they seemed to be paid very high price. The high remuneration is because of increasing demand but a very limited number of well-qualified personnel’s.

Well according to me, unlike the dot com bubble, the demand would not burst. This looks there would be a steady requirements of these personnel, and more and more people getting would be qualifying for the same. This seems to be a new market for the human resource agencies to harness. Source:

Airbus to run on computers

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Airbus, which is a product of European Jet maker, has come up with decision of replacing the pilots’ manuvering with computer gadgets, this comes in the wake of much air collusion, between many aircrafts. The computers will take charge as soon as an emergency is detected and will take over the flying of the aircraft, it will also rely information to the cabin and crew of the aircraft (who shall be shortly trained to listen to the computers during such emergency situations).

Of course such a decision has lead to some oppositions from the Pilots, and the safety executives, but the European company finds that at times the pilots can react wrongly given some emergency situation and put the airbus as well as the passengers into trouble. The idea behind the computerised cockpit is the safety of the passengers and the aircraft during any emergency. Conventionally, during a possible collision, Pilots are asked to switch off the autopilot and fly the aircraft according to the demands of the situations. But with the computerisation of the cockpits the computers would take charge and fly the aircraft. Well there are companies like the Boeing, which feels that pilots decisions are the best during the emergency situations, believe in the motto of the ‘captain taking charge’.

The first such computer installation by the company will be done on the A380 super jumbo jets.


More spending, more acquisitions!

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We were talking about video advertising by Google the other day, now here is what Microsoft plans to do, according to sources, it is all geared up to acquire a company called Third Screen Media, the announcement is not official yet, but looks like the talks are on. Some of the major clients of Third Screen Media are USA today and the weather channel, impressive! But why is the acquisition, well it was Third Screen Media that was used by Microsoft for Wireless advertising through mobile phones, and what better way to expand. Now Microsoft does not want to be left behind in the race of online advertising, already google seems to have taken the cream of the market with the help of its video advertising on the net. Microsoft wants to plunge deeper and get to more people and what better way than mobile phones.

The fact cannot be denied that mobile phones have become an absolute necessity in today’s world, advertising and expanding the market through these wireless technologies is only logical. But what about the consumers, I get irritated when an unrelated advertising splashes all over my net! So the only way not to irritate customers is to text SMS or better still announce contests, by which the consumers get familiar with the brand and are inquisitive to take part. By acquiring Third Media, Microsoft will have a greater hold on the advertising displayed and the reach it has on the target customers. Well we need to wait and see the outcome of the acquisition; if at all Microsoft goes public about it.



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Today, the 12th of May 2006 was a big day at INXS. It was

a day when INXS wanted to appreciate and encourage all of those who made INXS, what it is today, a roaring success!

Let me begin with our own team member Kumaresan, he was awarded the  ‘Most Valued Software Developer’ for April 2006.

Kumaresan was one of the first who joined us. Though a fresher, he had worked hard and effectively as our other valued developers.  He was working on platform development, which is the foundation for our current revolutionary product we are working that is about to change the world!.  He contributed much towards the project and contributed a lot towards the development.  INXS appreciates and applauds his contribution. I also take this opportunity to appreciate the
<br />work of others in our team.  Good going folks!
</p><br /><br />
<p>Words are not enough to appreciate our other valued contributors, <a href=" />Baysoft, D&Z and Added Values.

Baysoft had provided us with professional IT Infrastructure support, networking facilities and ensured smooth functioning of INXS with personal attention, if not for him we wouldn’t have been an accomplished team now. 

The creative people at D&Z had lent colours and grandeur to INXS and made it as vibrant and colourful and lively as it is now.

And last but not the least, we owe our team of intelligentsias to Added Values, they helped us to tap the most resourceful people out there. Sivakumar, Ananthnarayanan and Harishankar had accepted our appreciation on behalf of Added Values.

Good going everybody and keep up the good work!


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Hey guess who is cash stacking these days…it is none other than that of Exxon. According to the Wall Street Journal, the oil giant is making money while the prices are good. Yes! With the help of increase in the oil prices cash resources are an all-time high in Exxon. Exxon pays its dividends to its shareholders, even after which it has around $31.9million at the end of March. Oops! Bill watch out for the new millionaire on the block.

Hey but all good things do attract some critical comments, like investors feel that the amassing of wealth only shows that Exxon is not into many investment activites or other energy related investment. Exxon’s counter argument is that its investments are on long-term basis and the amassing does not in anyway hampering its investment activities. Guess Exxon must take a cue from Mr. Bill Gates and go on a spending spree to reap benefits from its ‘long-term’ investment opportunities.

Investors not impressed with ebay

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In spite of a powerful presentation by MegWhitman and assuring that ebay is all poised to increase by 31%, the executive presentations and talks did not make good impact and the NASDAQ shares fell. The three powerful pillar of ebay being ebay auction house, shopping, Pay Pal and skype. Pay Pal and skype (internet call facility) being the major revenue earners. Pay pal alone accounts for 44% increase in revenue. Ebay is foreseeing an increase of 35%-40% in the long run and about 20-25% increase in its new entrants. At present ebay seems to make an annual increase of 20%. Therefore we cannot expect an immediate improvement, in the long run there definitely seems to be a positive growth for ebay . With its ebay online shopping and auction getting as many hits as that of the search engine google, we need to wait and watch the growth curve of this industry.

Microsoft and Yahoo!

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Microsoft might want to buy a stake in Yahoo, (wall street journal) to enable to compete against Google. Though according to Reuters the talk between yahoo and Microsoft do not seem to very active on this front, Microsoft might want to join hands with Yahoo to fight its competitor Google. As we can remember there were talks between Microsoft and AOL to enter into partnership over AOL’s search engine, but the talks fell through when Google had decided to invest about 5% in AOL. According to sources if Microsoft and Yahoo hold talks then Microsoft might try to sell its MSN and have a minority stake in the Internet Portal.

As you might be well aware and according to my articles written earlier, Microsoft’s share fell, when it had announced further increase in its investment expenditures. But we will have to see what the partnership might do to Microsoft, as a stake in the Yahoo Internet portal would definitely give a boost to Microsoft’s profile. Microsoft’s new stand is ‘more expenditure towards the Internet’. Though the results may not be immediate, Microsoft might gain in the long run, given its string of investments plan for the next fiscal year starting from July 1. Let’s wait and watch folks!


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Jet Airways, which has started its overseas operation recently has experienced loss in its operations, though tides are expected to turn in the current year. The marginal earnings from its domestic flights are also eroding. Though the company has seen an increase of 15% of profit, earning around 452 crores. The profit is due to the sale and buys back schemes of Jet Airways, which it plans to do so every year and this would sustain the company for the time being. Of the fleet of 53 aircrafts, it owns 19 of them and intends to buy some more. So the market has to watch for Jet, according to officials there it might break even in eighteen months.

Sourcehttp://www.economic times. India

You don’t perform, you don’t earn

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This is the mantra that all major industry houses have been adopting for the past several years. Gone are the days when a person used to get his salary cheque sans his performance. There seems to be a strategy to reduce the workforce to improve the efficiency and to cut down the cost too, the follower of this strategy in the recent months might be SUN Microsystems new CEO. The second company to separate itself from its two non Performing Vice Presidents is Gateway. The two vice presidents who have been paid and asked to leave are Scott Bauhofer and Bruce Smith, they were incharge of Peripheral business and Gateways direct business respectively. Therefore it is no more difficult to find a job but all efforts must be put to keep the same.

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